Is my boyfriend insecure or is he cheating?

I've been with my boyfriend for a while now and I really love him. We've moved in together and everything. Things are great until he starts over reacting about guys I'm friends with. When he's upset and trying to prove his point about my guy friends he always accuses me of cheating on him and covering up the evidence by deleting texts or phone calls. I've never cheated as I've been really great at not talking to guys in general but if one guy who's not related to me calls me he freaks out. He's trying to find ways to bring back deleted texts. I'm not sure if its because of me or if it's because he's really the one covering things up.


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  • Not every insecure wuss, is a cheater.

    Some guys are just big wobbly balls of insecurity, who live day to day terrified of the moment their girlfriends realize what pathetic pieces of sh*t they are, and leave them for the next guy they see.

    Those guys try to keep that day at bay for as long as possible, by controlling every move the girlfriend makes. if she never sees another guy ever, as long as she lives... she can never leave him.

    It sounds like your guy is like this - a great big insecure coward, who would like to lock you up in a cell without a phone, for as long as you live, just so he could feel a tiny bit more secure about you never leaving him.


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  • Insecure guy seems more obvious.


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