Why do I feel this way when my ex tries to make me jealous?

is it actual jealousy or a wounded ego or what? just looking for some clarity because my feelings confuse me sometimes. my ex and I are on good terms even though we don't speak much. I still have feelings for her and I admit it hurts pretty bad when I think of her still. we hooked up once back in December though. and then the next thing I know she's got a boyfriend who she keeps rubbing in my face; yet at the same time keeps trying to flirt with me. I usually keep my composure but it gets REALLY annoying at times. sometimes it hurts pretty bad and sometimes I feel angry... like I have to one-up her. what is this... is it because I still love her? or is it because my ego is bruised? I don't understand.


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  • Who broke up with whom? It could be a bit of both at the same time. Your ego is hurt because she's with another guy, someone who isn't you, so what makes him so special? But if you think about her without her new boyfriend, it still hurts so you may still have feelings for her.

  • Not for nothing I think it's a little bit of both... I kinda feel maybe there's some unresolved issues between you two.

    If she's truly trying to make you jealous then I would say she has feelings for you too!.

    Only because doing that takes to much energy, and if she was truly happy in her current situation, she wouldn't have time to think of what 's making you jealous or not.. Actually it woukd probably be the opposite. If she is going out her way to make you jealous then you have every right to address her actions. Maybe she's trying to provoke you into talking about you guys situation. However if its her truly trying to make you jealous, then she's hurt as well, women we tend to do stupid things when we can't express ourselves and we act out..immaturly. Hope this helped.


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