Do you feel permanently damaged by your parents' divorce?

Girls and guys whose parents are divorced, do you feel permanently emotionally or psychologically damaged by your parents' divorce? If so, in what ways?

As for me, I desperately want to love and to be loved, but at the same time I don't like opening up to people, especially girls. I find it difficult to trust people, and I'm paranoid about people's motivations. I'm 21 and I've only ever had casual sex, never real relationships. Also, I get angry when parents make their children suffer, and I feel real hatred towards divorced people who have kids. Obviously I don't know for sure what kind of guy I'd be if I hadn't had the experience. But I have a pretty clear memory and I do remember these feelings starting as a result of that experience. This was just before puberty for me, so perhaps that made the effect especially strong.

Also, girls, if a guy had these issues, would that still be a turn-off even if he really liked you and was trying to fix himself?


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  • I feel permanently damaged because of my parents not having divorced.


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  • Not at all.


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