No contact is killing me

We were together for 6 years, it's over 3 months, we broke up a good few times & ended up getting back together. I know when I think rationally it wouldn't of worked & we spent to much time trying to make something work that never would we were too different. I was fine for the first 3 months, but now I think he is with someone else & it is breaking my heart please give me some advice to move on


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  • It's never easy, especially when you think there's some other woman in his life now. I stayed in touch with my ex for over a year after the break-up. It wasn't good; we mainly fought, and I couldn't let go because he remained a part of my life. Well, suddenly he cut me off and two months later I found out he was seeing someone. I'd always thought that finding out he's with someone would be the worst thing ever; and when I did, it was. But it passed very quickly and since then it's so much easier not to be in touch with him, and I have accepted him as part of my past now.

    All you can do now is hang in there. Whether he is with someone or not isn't even really relevant. You need to keep yourself busy and stop worrying about things you can't change anyway.

    • I think I've been just thinking of the good times the last week out of loneliness we were in a bit of contact at the start of break up but over the last month there's been none, now my mind is playing tricks on me, it's like my head/heart are trying to make me believe it was all good! I know deep down if we rekindled I'd be on this site in 3 months with the same problem, I need to get out more but I have a 9 year old & he misses him too & is asking all the time, he was like a father to him :(

    • I know those phases all too well when you have the time to think about things and then you sort of get obsessed and somehow trapped. It still happens to me from time to time, with two different guys actually. I always try to remind myself that these phases do pass, and try to make sure I don't do anything stupid (like contact them). It's sad that your child misses him, but time really does heal all wounds. Just be strong!

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  • I was in a similar position. 6 years in and had conflicts about having babies.

    We split and I was fine at first. I kept myself busy, but after a few months, wondered if it was the right choice.

    It took 4 years to get over it and start another relationship but once I started dating again, I very quickly stopped thinking about her. There are other fish in the sea. Youd be surprised how therapeutic it is just to go on a friendly date and just relax and chat. It might help ease your pain.


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  • Continue the no contact thing and become more social.


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