I've liked this guy on/off for a few years now....help

So me & this guy both used to work together in a retail store as cashiers. I at the time I met him was 18 & he was 22 (in 2008), after a few months of working together I got a major crush on him but never acted on it and heard he doesn't date girls he works with. Well in 2010, he graduated college in business & got a 'real' job, but we still kept in touch & got together with some other people we both worked with. A few months ago him & I got together for drinks and just talked, we had never done this before and we were there for like 2 hours and we both had fun talking. Over these years he has had a few girlfriends but never talked about them with me but I never asked & I Haven't had any. Recently I found out that he broke up with a girl he was trying to get back together with but it ended up not working out. So now he is seeing a girl that he met online that has a baby. Why is he looking online when I am right here? Does he maybe think that oh since we've known each other so long he sees us as friends? Help! I kinda want to meet up with him again and just ask why we never went out...any advice would be helpful thanks!


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  • It must be that he doesn't consider you as a girlfriend material, and just sees you as a good friend.

    • is there anything I could do to get him to think about me as a potential girlfriend?

    • Start flirting with him.

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