I feel like an old abandonned sock. Please read below

I'd really like your output on this. My boyfriend is on vacation in Mexico with his family for the entire spring break. Last year, he left me at the exact same time to go to Cuba. We've been together for over a year. He announced me a few weeks ago that he wouldn't get to spend the break with me again this year. So no, we didn't discuss it and he didn't ask me to come. I was indeed very disappointed but I sucked it up. He knows that part of it is because I've never been at the beach and I've only ever travelled to one other country, over 6 years ago, for 10 days only. The most he's told me to explain is that he's "sorry he couldn't invite me".

Last night I was talking to my mom on the phone. I told her that my boyfriend was away on vacation and she said something like "So you're telling me that now that you finally have a week to see each other, he's leaving for the whole time and leaving you there? Aren't you sad about it? I'm sure you would have preferred going with him. Maybe it's how things are done nowadays, but I'm sure that had it been you, you would have invited him and not treated him this way".

I felt like she was scraping the wound open. Now that I'm getting bored and lonely, I'm starting to hurt a lot and I don't think I'll be happy when my boyfriend gets back. I feel like he's never done any sacrifice for me, and I'm depressed at the thought of him telling me all about his vacation and how he missed me and all that yada yada. Am I selfish? What do you think?
Last summer, he left me for a month for a competition, then we went on a camping trip for 3 days, and he went back on vacation with his friends for 2 weeks. So it's the fourth time in less than 2 years that I'm left alone for weeks waiting for him to come back home. And it's not like we spend tons of time together during school weeks.


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  • You could use this week to go on a vacation of your own... go to the beach and hang out with your friends or something.


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  • Sounds lke you need a boyfriend.


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