He's moving to the other side of the world ! What do I do ?

My boyfriend has just told me that he is thinking of moving to Australia in a few months ! We have never discussed this and he just suddenly said it but is serious about it ! I am heartbroken just writing this and thinking about it ! I can't go with him as I am in the middle of university ! He says it will be OK and we can still be in a relationship ? !, He is expecting me to wait 2 years and then join him ! My head is in a spin and I don't know how I am supposed to accept this ! Could a relationship survive this ? We are in a LDR anyway ! I am 2 hours away but we see each other at weekends and that is hard enough ! How can it survive when he is on another continent and a 24 hour flight away ? I am left feeling bewildered by it all and thinking this is the end of our relationship ! Am I right ? I don't know if I should break up with him to suffer the pain now before he goes away , I would never give him an ultimatum but the shock of this has me so confused ! Can you please help X


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  • If I was in your shoes, I would just end the relationship now, neither of you will be able to wait 2 years maybe more. Its best too be heart broken and suffer now, but in time you will move on, and find someone else.

    Your doing the right thing in not giving him an ultimatum, because if he really does love you, he reconsider and would stay until you finish university and then go off together too Australia.

    • he probably does love you, but he probably feels he is not getting very far with his life in the country he is staying now. I am sure it was a difficult position for him. sometimes you have too move for better opportunities in life.

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    • you just have to do what's best for both of you. If something he wants to do, and you want to go on a different path to him, then its time too move on, as much is it is hard for both you. That's life, you just have to say to yourself, this relationship obviously wasn't meant to be. Life has a funny of dealing your card, some get a good hand early on life, and some get it much later on. you just have to be patient, and be positive.

    • my parents were in the exactly the same position as you when they were a couple, my dad had too move south africa for a better job, my mum stayed in england, and she came over a couple months later. she actually wrote to him, I haven't from you, don't you love me anymore, and he said, come over. and she did. and they are still together 30 years later. it can happen, it just depends on the individuals.

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  • get over it and get a new boyfriend. I did that to a girl that was interested in me 11 years ago before I came to the states she seemed hopeful about a relationship, when suddenly she called my house and my cousin told her I had left the country with another girl. it would have been priceless to see her face. You should be glad he is at least giving you notice.

  • it's over.

    i just hope you'll realize this soon enough and waste as little time as possible with this guy.

    • Thanks ... I think that too as much as I don't want it to be ! He didn't give me a chance to let it sink in properly and now the more I think about it the worse I feel ! I do not want to waste my time either ! If he thinks he can manage for 2 years without seeing me then a few more weeks/months is not going to make any difference ! I was in shock earlier now I am angry !

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  • Do not stay in a relationship with him if he leaves! My sister did this and nothing great became of it. She used to stay up late at night waiting for a phone call and be up early in the morning waiting for the same thing that may not come. It's too hard with the time difference. She wouldn't leave the house incase he called. She then went to visit him months later and they both realized that it wouldn't work. She missed out on loads of events and also guys who were interested in her. She basically put her life on hold.. End the relationship before he leaves. It will not work, trust me!

    • Thank you ... and exactly what has been going through my head in the last few hours ! To say I am in shock is an understatement but I cannot get my head around anything positive in this for me at all !

    • It hard a very hard situation to be in. Would you ask him to wait until you finish college?

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