Me and my ex are back together and trying to start over, should I be worried he said this?

Me and my ex have recently gotten back together after a one month split, today he texted me saying "I don't think we need to get serious again, for a while so we can see how it goes, I don't mind if you put it:)" I then replied and told him I understand that but I didn't want our relationship to be kept a secret and he replied with not wanting that either I then sent him this, "Okay good :) as long as you DO want to be with me and you want to start fresh and take things slow, I'm in the right page with you :) we can't just go back to how it was before because that can cause problems" and he said "yes it can I agree", so should I worry or should I be happy with this situation? Please help thanks!


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  • Just keep in mind, If he doesn't want to get serious again, He also should not expect a lot of sex or if any. Just don't be dumb! girls get used like that all the time!

    • Yes exactly! I told him "this means no sex I hope you know that" and he said "of course I know that, I was expecting to have sex with you for a while" :)

  • maybe he's trying to protect himself and his feelings, since you guys broke up before., this is possible. But Id be careful and make sure it doesn't turn into a fwb. But respect his wishes and give hi some time to build a trusting relationship with you again. If he loves you and wants to make it happen he will put forth the effort to make it happen.

    • Thank you :) we are a couple though and I do notice when I try to drift a little when we walk together he reaches for my hand :) we'll just take it slow.

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