Can I trust her if she cheated on me?

A little back ground is that we've been dating for a month and 1/2. She's used to drug dealers/ guys who cheat on her. And she used to do a lot of drugs but not anymore.

Her and her friends tell me that I'm the best guy she's ever met and that I'm the type of guy that she needed etc...

Anyways we had some disagreements a couple times with her saying the relationship was getting clingy. I did this dumb thing where I got butt hurt a few times when she wouldn't have sex with me. She told me and I told her I realized and I'd put a stop to it.

We had plans to go to her friends house for a small kick back but she told me she just wanted a night away to chill with her friends for some space. I said no problem and went and did my own thing.

She hit me up at like 2:30AM asking me to come over to her friends house, she was wasted and was on ecstasy. I was too drunk to drive and told Her I couldn't and just said to enjoy her self.

Next couple days she got super clingy and overly needy and the sex was constant. I figured she felt guilty about something and asked her if she cheated. She said no at first but then about 10 minutes later admitted to cheating. It was with some high school kid who she knew through her friends little brother.

She told me they just made out and he went down on her and then she passed out. Said that she told him she had a boyfriend and that we were happy but he went for it anyways. I believe this because I've seen her wasted before. I was about to get up and leave and she begged me to stay etc... Saying she would do what ever it takes for us to move past it together and if I needed time she would wait, and also said If I couldn't forgive her she would understand that too.

She told me things were so good with me that there was no end in sight like all her other abusive BF's. So she freaked out and just said when he went for it she just let it happen but then felt huge amounts of regret.

My question is I love this girl dearly and I've never met a girl I share more in common with than this one. Yes our relationship had a problem but we both opened up and were super honest after the cheating and I feel like were actually stronger than before. Is that possible? Or should I just let her go and find someone who won't cheat on me in the first place.
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Just wanted to add. The reason why this has bugged me so much is. Something as intimate as having someone make out with her, take her pants off, and go down on her. That's a process. We talked about that and I told her on some level she must have wanted it. She just said it was some form of self destruct mechanism that she had built with her past abusive BF's.

The other thing is she's graduated from college and this kid was only 18. So I know there is no emotional baggage here.
Can I trust her if she cheated on me?
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