He was chillaxin' in my town in Mexico. Is he interested or not?

I met this guy from Denmark a couple of weeks ago. He was chillaxin' in my town in Mexico after working in a city nearby for three months. We saw each other and there was a spark. He told me he was leaving that same day, but since we were talking he missed his bus back to this other town. We went to a bar, he had a drink and then asked if I knew any hotels cause he had to stay in my town now. I offered to stay with me and we had sex, and we cuddled. it was perfect. The next day we stayed in my apartment til late, then we had a romantic dinner together. He stayed with me one more night. Then we spent Valentine's Day together but that day he left cause he needed to go to a different town to catch his flight back to Denmark.

Before he left, told me he was in my town because he was looking for this girl he has a crush on (she lives in a different town a couple of hours away) and I felt bad. He also said he was not dating this girl or anything and he wanted to move on. Then, when he was back in Denmark, he send me a message on FB saying he wanted to keep in touch with me, that he felt we had something special and that he'd be back in Mexico and he'd like to live in my town this time. I told him it was torture for me knowing there's so much water between us so I was gonna unfriend him, but he insisted we should be in touch cause "anything can happen". Then he started calling me from Denmark. Today I saw he posted something on this girl's wall on Valentine's Day "I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow" and I feel like crap. I mean, he was in bed with me when he did that.

I don't know if he's interested in me or not! I have no idea what the hell is going on with him! Help!


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  • It's clear that he's just holding you around.

    He must be seeing as a friend with benefits.


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  • Trust me, he's not for you. Might be the distance, might be that he's just shitty :-) he should be honest with you