Why do I always go back to my exboyfriend when a new guy stops talking to me?

i left my boyfriend for someone else because he did that to me. when my ex came back to me after his girlfriend dumped him, I took him back but I have always had this anger within me to get revenge on him. I hated the way he made me feel but I loved him so I took him back. but secretly I wanted to make him hurt even more than I did, so I left my boyfriend for a new guy but the new guy didn't work out. I went back to him wanting him back because I was comfortable and I knew that he would want me back. am I wrong for doing this? should I just forget about my ex and start over with someone completely new?


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  • You're wrong in doing things.

    It makes you get some nasty remarks, and be deemed as manipulative.

    As for now, you're better with your ex.


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