Is my girlfriend losing interest?

So Long story short. She cheated on me a few weeks ago with a high school kid when we had some disagreements. She was super drunk and on X. She actually called me before it happened asking me to come over but I was out with my friends and was drunk that and she had asked for space so I granted it.

She was honest and told me and also told me why she freaked out and partied so hard. I was apparantly smothering her even though I tried to make sure I wasn't by making it mutual hanging out and texting 50/50. She's just not used to a non abusive/drug dealer boy friend.

I forgave her we both agreed we'd work through it together. Later we got in a huge fight when she stopped having sex with me one night and honestly said she didn't feel the same sexually. I was drunk and flipped out and we broke up kinda. I told her to tell me it was over for good so I could move on. She said she couldn't and that we both need time. She texted me 4 days later telling me how much she missed me. WE got back together BUT...

She doesn't seem to have the same feelings for me. She doesn't text as much, doesn't seem to be as touchy feely. I know we are both afraid to have sex a little bit. She's afraid I'll get butt hurt if she doesn't want to have sex with me and I'm afraid she doesn't want it.

We hung out tonight. Drank a little. Had sex about 10 minutes in she said she went off and had to stop because she was dry... I got her a glass of water we cuddled for a bit. I told her I loved her for the second time in the night and she said it was too many times... And seems PO'ed and distant. Should I just cut her loose? I"m not about to be playing this game with her. Or is this part of recovery from what had happened.?


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  • If you're not feeling like its worth it, or that you're not getting anything in return, then move on. She's the one who messed up daly, she's the one who should be begging for forgiveness and saying how much she loves you and wanting to both say it as much as possible.

    She's clinging on to something because she feels guilty for hurting you but it isn't there on her end.

    Cut her loose is a tough term, you don't have to get all angry and start yelling. Just say how you feel about it and break it off

  • Don't cut her loose. You just need to give it more time.

    It's a part of the recovery process.


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