Has anyone tried hypnosis, to overcome an addition, with any success?

I'm trying to get over a guy; I've already pushed him away, then I end up calling him and we hook up. He's an addiction. However, no censure please...we're both married (he's separated). I love my husband and my lifestyle. This guy was an accident; the attention was heady. I thought once I had s3x with him, I'd be able to move on. But, I can't get him out of my mind! I gotta do something, I can't concentrate. All the advice says make a clean break, but, not working. I was going to make a clean break when he transferred, knowing I couldn't contact him then; but, now I find out he may be here 3 more months. If you have tried hypnosis, please let me know what did/didn't work.
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  • I've used NLP and other audio CD's to help after a bike wreck scrambled my prefrontal cortex. I still can't remember that well, but I've used the techniques to deal with heartaches, too.

    Try reading this from hypnosisdownloads.com: link

    It's about sex addiction, which is different than the way you're defining your feelings - being addicted to the person and not the deed... but I think you can work your head around it if you listen.

    I've used a lot of their downloads and they're pretty good.

    • Thank you. I'll go check out the link. I've got to stop the pain, somehow.

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  • it can be very helpful but its not magic, if done right it can help you change your self.


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  • no, but meditation helps


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