Do I have a chance with my ex boyfriend?! HELP

My ex broke it off about 3 days ago after a two year amazon relationship. He said he was too stressed and therefore unhappy because we were fighting for a few weeks constantly. He recently moved 100 miles away for school and the distance was very new to us. I started a new job and am a full time student. The workload was stressing me out and I wasn't handling it well. It definitely was a big factor, if not the only factor, that caused the fighting. He doesn't handle stress well and he has been saying he doesn't know if he can handle te fighting. Well changed were made and my hours at work were reduced and we were back to normal except a small fight on Monday. Come that Friday he ended it saying we obviously weren't going to stop fighting. He refuses to text me or contact me in any way. He gave all my stuff back and changed all his pictures and passwords on social networking sites. He told me he doesn't want to get back together. We have to meet up so I can give him his stuff back but he said he wanted to wait until later in the week (as opposed to seeing me the day after the break up). What does this mean? Do I have a chance? I know we're supposed to be together. I can't let two years of a great relationship get ruin by 2 months of fighting. And what do I say when I meet up with him? Should I text him?


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  • You still have a chance.

    If both of you can spend more time with each other and don't easily erupt fights, then things will be in your favor.


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