Recommend I move on? Am I thinking clearly?

I am a freshman in college. I met a girl in my art class yesterday and we talked a lot. Her personality is the largest reason I have a big crush on her. I initially thought she was into me!

The hardest part about this is because she seems cooler than any girl I have met before. I thought girls were no longer like this until I met her. I think since this is such a personality attraction (She is cute too but all the cute girls I have met don't mesh well with my personality) and one where I actually am so similar makes it harder to simply move on from.

Today she sat with another guy.

I am taking this as she isn't interested. Putting myself in her shoes if I liked a guy I would make sure I made myself available for him to talk to me. Since she didn't do that I am taking it as disinterest.

Should I just look elsewhere? Do you agree with my thought process, girls?

Why would an interested girl talk to you one day and act like you don't exist the next?


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  • I think she's just a friendly person. If she was really outgoing and nice with you and then she sat with someone else, she was probably just being nice to both of you. Not because she's a bitch, but because she's genuinely nice.

    That doesn't mean she's disinterested. A girl won't usually sit with a guy every time because then she might feel like it's obvious to him that she's interested. She could have sat away from you for that reason too.


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  • I would stop thinking about this so much , you'll drive yourself crazy. If you like her, go and talk to her, regardless if you think she's interested or not.

  • I agree that you should move on but learn from this - she isn't a unique snowflake. There are other girls like her. College is where you have your preconceptions about many things, challenged and broken.

    You had a misconception about girls, and this girl proved you were wrong. But APART from that, there is absolutely nothing particularly special about her.

    Go find another girl like her, and one who is into you.


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