She gave me her number, no response, try one last time?

The other night I met up with my buddy at the bar, he was there with his friends from work. At one point during the night a few more of the coworkers joined us, one of them was this girl who sat herself next to me.

Now keep in mind that usually I don't really take meeting girls at bars seriously because it's the constant outcome of them never texting you back even when THEY give out their number without asking.

So this girl sat down next to me and wasted no time in talking to me which we joked around a lot and really seemed like we clicked. I guess another thing I should point out is she was drunk. So we constantly talked throughout the night, she initiated all the flirting with me, probably because she was drunk. I mean I was flirting with her of course but she started saying things like "I bet you wanna kiss me right Now" and did things like resting her head on me while she laughed and grabbed my arm and even drank my beer from my glass without hesitation. Some of the female coworkers were saying "Girls don't drink from an ugly guys Glass" hinting at the fact it's a sign she thinks I'm attractive which she even said to me. Anyway throughout all this flirting back and forth it got to a point where we would both joke about kissing each other saying "You look like you wanna kiss Me" and then after going back and forth with that she mentioned a boyfriend.

Long story short didn't end up kissing but there was all this flirting going on and she even told me how she was getting stressed about her relationship because he's 10 years older (making him in his mid 30's) and he wants kids, marriage etc. And even seemed insecure/upset, saying I didn't think she was attractive that's why I didn't kiss her. I told her she was very attractive but I wasn't going to kiss her because she has a boyfriend and didn't want everyone that you work with see you cheat on your boyfriend. Seemed like she understood But she gave me her number and told me to text her. We left the bar and walk together for a bit and I said I'd text her that night and she said her phone was dead but when she gets home she'll text me back. I text her (Friday night) and no response. I not exactly surprised but my main question is should I try texting her again. The text I set her that night was along the lines of "Had a great time, hope we can text and see each other again at some point"...not the smoothest text I could have sent I'll admit but should I give it another chance with sending a simple one of "hey ____ how are you?". I mean I'm not interested in being the cause if the broke up but at the same time if she becomes single in the near future there's nothing wrong with us already getting to know each other


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  • maybe she gave you the wrong or a fake number. I've found (and this doesn't apply to all girls) that lot of girls like to be flirted with and to flirt. They don't want anything to come of it besides that. I've definitely been in that spot. She probably figured since you didn't work with her you were a harmless flirtation that she could walk away from and never see again

    The trick for the future. A girl gives you her number at the bar. Immediately call the number, and say with a kind laugh if it rings, "just wanted to make sure you weren't giving me a fake number" and if it doesn't ring well, handle it how you want

    • Yea I know what you mean, it's hard to explain the way she was flirting with me and if I did this question would have been twice as long and I've been in situations where girls flirt just for the sake of it but this didn't seem like that. Just from what she was saying (more then what I mentioned) and how she was saying it.

      Trust me I would have called her phone right there but it was dead, she even showed me but the fake number thought popped into my head the other day or she just gave it wrong

    • I suppose she could've just been wasted and gave you a wrong number. maybe ask the co-work if he can get it from her. But girls can be extremely crafty in their flirting. I once went out with a girl on a blind date, it was an amazing night and we ended up making out at the end of the night. She gave me her number and said please call me...then vanished. I was 100% certain I'd see her again and we'd be something but I was wrong.

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  • First off, I think its better that way. She was probably having a bad day and drank a bit too much causing her to be excessively flirty.

    For some of us, flirting makes us feel better when we feel like sh*t.

    However, If her relationship is vowed to fail and you have nothing to do with it, try adding her on Facebook just to keep in touch without the texting or calling that might make you look clingy and see where things go from there.

    • I always felt like adding someone on Facebook was more creepy then texting them. I'm sure I'll run into her some other time when my buddy is hanging out with them. I usually a someone on Facebook after seeing them few times or if we are texting a lot.

      I don't know, I'll just send her a quick text an if no response then it not a big deal, I might run into her another time anyway

  • Well chances are either 1) she gave you a wrong (in her drunkenness) or fake number or 2) she passed out drunk and didn't receive it until sometime Saturday. Some women only flirt to make themselves feel pretty because they are insecure so they find someone that gives them compliments and continues with it but at the end of the night they don't want anything to do with that person so they will give out the wrong number in hopes of never running into them again. Now not all women are like that. She could have wholeheartedly given you the wrong number because of how drunk she was. I say give it another shot, what do you have to lose? The worst thing that could happen is she won't text back. If she doesn't then she isn't worth anymore of your time.


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  • TLDR: Chances are that, if she didn't answer, she gave you a fake number or was busy/not interested. Try once more then quit.

    • Yea a fake number or wrong number is what I kind of figure now. I'll try once more and see what happens

  • Question is too damn long; could you sum it up in one sentence?

    • Girl at bar that knows my friend was flirting with me all night long (didn't seem like she was doing it for fun, seemed legit) she was drunk (I know that's not already a good sign) gave me her number and told me to text her that night when she got home to charge her phone. I did, no response that night nor till now (this was Friday). Should I text her one last time to see if she'll respond.

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