What are some signs your ex wants you back?

Me and my ex had a rather complicated break up, but we're trying to remain friends because we genuinely enjoy each others company. This is difficult for me because I'm still very much in love with her, and though I know she still cares about me, (we were each others first true love) she' dating this older guy who asked her out because me and her weren't official anymore. I've been waiting for them to break up, but its going on 5 months. She's told me she's unhappy, but I don't know if she's just telling me what she thinks I want to hear. What I want is for her to be happy...I just happen to believe I can make her happier than this new guy can. Anyway, we've been spending more time together lately, and I'm starting to see some positive signs. At least I think I am. She'll sit closer to me than before, she'll text me whereas she didn't at the start of their relationship, sometimes she'll fiddle with or even stroke objects when we're talking. Generally speaking, what are some signs your ex wants you back?


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  • It sounds definite that she's into you! (^-^)

    Good luck! If I were you, I'd definitely take my chances sometime after her current relationship is over.


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  • It's certain that your ex has still strong attraction and feelings for you.


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