Is my boyfriend having doubts about our relationship?

My boyfriend recently added his cheating ex on Facebook who got him thrown in jail a few years back. He knew I was upset about it, especially since it was right after the weekend we were trying to get pregnant with a baby. Then he deleted her, after he saw how much it bothered me, after making it pretty clear he could add whoever the F he wanted on FB. Then when he was over at my apartment the weekend after he deleted her, she called his cell phone twice once at 9:30, and once at 3:30 in the a.m! I answered, he let me, and talked to the B and asked her wtf she was calling my boyfriend. She called me a couple names and hung up the phone.


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  • You sound very insecure about your relationship. It's causing you to act over-controlling, and if anything, that's what is causing your boyfriend to question your relationship. Insecurity is a sure-fire relationship killer.

    If you're questioning your relationship w/him at all, you shouldn't even consider bringing a baby into the world with him.

    • If anything, I feel he is the one doubting me, if he is getting in contact with his ex. But thanks for your input


    • No problem. Tough love/reality check method is kind of my specialty, so sorry if I come across a little blunt. He may actually be doubting you, but there's nothing you can do about that aside from maybe talking about it. It seems like both of you are questioning/feeling insecure about your relationship. Your concern about his ex stems from the fear of him cheating on you (with her or someone else). If you were 100% secure in your relationship, you wouldn't worry about him doing so.

    • You are very right about that. He knows I have had 2 abusive ex's before him, and he knew about my trust issues before we even started dating, which just makes me think that he would be a little bit more understanding when it comes to my trust issues, especially since this is only one incident to the others that have made me so skeptical.

  • wow, first, don't make plans to have a baby with this man, no no no! The other stuff you have to sort out will be easier. He is not a good man, He can not add whoever he wanted. He might or very possible has started a relationship with her again. She's calling because she's dying to make things bad for you and to see if he's with you. Good luck! No baby though!


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