9 months down the line and my ex is still going on about how much she hates me?

So I work with my ex blah blah blah bad breakup etc...

We haven't spoken in 4 months, and recently I've been considering talking to her again so I've asked a few coworkers if they think this is a good idea. afew have said no and a couple have said yes.

I asked one girl who is friends with both of us and she said that even now she is going on and on about how much she hates me and never wants to speak to me again...

She also told me that when she blocked me from Facebook back in November that she updated her relationship staus to "in a relationship". I only found out she's blocked me in January...

Why would someone honestly keep going on and on? When I dislike someon I just don't talk to them...


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  • one big reason for not gettng romantically involved with co-workers: since you're likely forced to see each other a lot, the bad feelings of a break-up tend ot get relived, over and over, since you're reminded of them every time you see each other...

    But also, she must have emotional problems, and broods about bad experiences in general. You just happen to be a convenient target, and she often gets reminded about what you went through together, every time she seees you! So these tendencies of hers become obsessive very easily.

    She proabbly can't live without her hatreds and disappointments; some people can't talk about anything else!


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  • Why are you considering talking to her again? What's the point you want to achieve? Why can't you just leave her alone? Why did you break up in the first place?

    9 months is not a long time depending on how long you guys were dating and how serious it was. My ex, who is also a co-worker, and I, dated very seriously for 9 months. 9 months later after the breakup, he seems prefectly fine, I still hate him. It's not that I have emotional problems. Its because he had manipulated me into dating him. He convinced me, and got my other coworkers to convince me to date him. Put me in such an awkward spot. And then just broke up 9 months later giving almost no reason. When people's genuine feelings are played with, they will likely hate you for a really long time. Nothing you can do about it. Just leave her alone!

  • She hardly seems worth worrying about.


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  • She is trying to make separation from you and give her self time to find her self. My ex de-friened my too don't take it personally. It took my ex about a year to add me again. Last week I texted my ex about something and she said that she hates me but I was being an ass hole but it was on purpose.


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