Does he really like me? How can I get things to go back to normal?

The other day a few friends stayed at my house. One of them ended up telling me he likes me and we ended up making out. Which is bad given the fact that he has a girlfriend.

Before this happened he was always really flirty with me, staring, finding any excuse to sit close to me, any excuse to touch, always asking personal questions, complimenting me, trying to boost my self-esteem. The day everyone stayed he was doing all of that, plus he asked our friend to dare us to go to a different room for a bit, to see what would happen. And he asked me if I would want to kiss him, among other things.

Yesterday I found out he was planning to do this, because he told a friend and that friend told me. He was purposely putting us into intimate situations through truth or dare and sitting arrangements.

The day after and every day since he's been to my house, but he gets tense when we have to sit close together, he avoids skin and eye contact. So does he really like me or did he just want in my pants?

And how do I get things to go back to how they were before that day? I can't stand the awkwardness, or to think that this might ruin our friendships.
The thing with telling him I don't like him, is that I would be blatantly lying. As much as I hate it I do like him. But he has a girlfriend, and I don't want a relationship, and I don't want to make our friendship weirder than it is, or anymore awkward.


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  • Let me tell you this. He likes you AND he wants to fet into your pants. Guys that have been friends with girls for awhile will at times be attracted to them due the increase tension and urge he has for his feelings for the girl. This will result in the guy going out of his way and thinking outside the box (which involves many of his friends) to get what he wants from that girl, which is a sexual relationship and/or relationship in general. Now the best way to maintain friends is by telling him straight up forth that you don't like him in that way. Thus, telling a man directly will ring a bell on his conscious which would cause him to back off and (hopefully) remain friends.

    • Sorry. In my answer (in the second sentence), change the word "fet" to "get". Sorry for the typo.

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    • Sorry. For my very last sentence in my to comment response, change the word "breakes" to "breaks". Sorry AGAIN for the typo :/.

    • It's okay, just a small typo.

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