Is he really afraid of commitment or is he just messing with my mind?

I was in a relationship with a guy for a few months but broke up with him because I was going through a lot of stuff at home. He begged me to get back together with him so I said yes (and things were way better at home). A few days later he got cold feet and broke it off, saying he wasn't ready for a commitment (as if I was asking for marriage). Anyway we tried the "just friends" thing but ended up just hooking up and acting like we were in a relationship, but still he didn't want to be exclusive so I ended things completely. So I guess my question is if (1) he got back together with me just to get revenge. And (2) if he's being honest when he says he really likes me but isn't ready for commitment, or is he just not interested at all?


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  • Ive done that before getting back at a girl to just end the relationship. Its definitely chidish and immature but at least if people ask me I can say I broke up with her. I run for the hills when a girl talks to me about marriage. I can't even imagine being officially tied down.

    • That's the thing, I just wanted us to be exclusive. The way he freaked out and jumped ship was as if I was asking for some sort of lifetime commitment.

    • Im going to be honest with you. This might now applya to your life buts its just how I do things. My ex an I f***ed after we met for 2 months after that its took another 2 to 3 months for us to be official. Of course I avoided a relationship mainly because I was ashamed of her. Also I wanted to hook up with other girl so this is my story. It might now apply to you but, The idea of him not wanting to be official could because he wants to keep his options open.Im not a pro at dating. Its only what

  • He's really being honest when he said that he likes you, but isn't ready for commitment.

    Also, it might be that he's just seeing you for hook up reasons.

    You've done a great job ending things completely.

    • Thanks hey, I just got so tired of the emotional rollercoaster. It's not easy cutting contact because I really cared about him, but I'm being strong.

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