A bit of privacy? Is that wrong of me?

My boyfriend and I have been living together for about 3 months now and he contstantly looks through my phone, texts, emails etc. I don;t mind as I have nothing to hide, but is it wrong that I would like a bit of privacy? I mean if I leave one bit of detail out of anything he automatically assumes I;m doing something behind his back because that was a shady move on my part. I reassure him that I'm not but he digs and digs til he finds something that seems off. What should I do?


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  • You need to put a stop to that. Change passwords if you have to.

    • If I do that, then that's just gonna cause problems. Which I;m trying to avoid

    • I'm just saying either you accept the nonprivacy or you do something about it.

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  • Does he give you a reason for why he is always going through your phone and accounts? Did you do something for him not to trust you? Has he been cheated on in the past that gives him trust issues? If the answer to both of those is no and there is no other good explanation for why he has such trust issues, then HE could be the one hiding something. People who are not trustworthy themselves often are the ones that actually have something they are hiding...

    • IN the beginning of our relationship I was talking to other guys. But we were'nt serious. I just saw him as another guy that could potentially be my boyfriend. Just keeping my options open, but then we made it official. He asked me to stop talking to every male friend gay and straight, which I did. Stopped going to the clubs because he refuses to let me go, even with him even though I love to dance. I cook, clean, cater to all his needs. He has been cheated on before but that doesn;t mean I am going to

    • I would tell him that it upsets you that he goes through your phone because you feel like he doesn't trust you. You should ask him if there is anything that you do that makes him worry. Or ask what you can do to help him feel more secure. Every relationship has to have trust or it won't work out long term.

      Good luck!

    • Trust me, we've had that conversation a million and one times. He said that by me not talkingto any guy would make him feel secure, so I dropped them. Some I knew for years but it doesn;t bother me because I love him but when I bring it up to him he gets upset and is convniced that I;m doing something. He's even tried logging into my jobs website to see if I was up to something

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  • It's not wrong to have privacy.

    Your boyfriend definitely has trust issues. You need to set your own boundaries. Even if both of you are living together, you're entitled to your own privacy.


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