Girls, in what ways had guys practically made you chear against your will in the past?

We all know girls can cheat just like guys, but many times is the lover who basically has put her in a position where she almost didn't have to do anything, he basically took care of everything and put the cheating on a golden plate, that it was very hard for her no.

Girls I want to know how these guys made you cheat and put you in that situation where it was just hard to say no, and one can say it was almost entirely his fault that you cheated.
By the way I'm talking about what the lover did, not what the boyfriend did.


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  • This question both feels and SOUNDS like it's directed towards people who suffer from the textbook definition of a mentally weak person who can't accept accountability for their actions and like to blame it on other people.

    • No, I actually want to learn how to take the blame so she doesn't feel bad.

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    • Ah, philosophy.

      "Different," isn't that a popular word nowadays...It's also a word very often used to justify one's own actions. After all, I could walk up and shoot an 8 year old kid and murder him, and I could tell you that it was the right thing to do, how would I know? Because my morals are "different."

      But in life, there are morals and opinions, and there is truth. Whether you think it's right or not, truth cannot deny that if you have no accountability, there is no guilt.

    • hurting someone physically is a different story, there is objectivity in that, emotions are from a different realm and are very subjective

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  • How can some one make you cheat ?

  • Wow..this is a hell of a question...well different people all have different's could be the

    Basics..he's never around, but Ur lover is...or he's not attentive to my needs...but my lover is..I would say the universal one..that can't be resisted would be the classic ...attention, he's lacking the

    Time..when she's really vulnerable..hurting in side if you can take that pain away for a little while..she will still feel guilty but, she will be with you again

    • Thanks, but you didn't understand my question, I'm the lover, not the boyfriend, and I want to take the blame for her cheating on her boyfriend so she doesn't feel bad. My question is what guys have done in the past to make girls feel less guilty about cheating with them.

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    • I under stood your question perfectly..the person commented under me..didnt..and that's not me..thats why I said that was a hell of a question let me ask you ..did she say if she cheated that she will feel she can't do it..but you know she really want you but dint wanna be looked at as a slutor something?

    • in body language yes

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  • Well first slashing your face till there's skars will help.

    Then you should probably consider suicide


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