Is my ex texting me back a good sign?

Forward: He broke with me in December last year

A few weeks back he was texting me about missing me. But we had an argument and I stopped talking to him for 3 weeks. Today I text him again Because I forgave him for what he said and did (he blocked me on fb and stopped talking to me Because I was getting annoyed with him) we had a good conversation back and forth he was telling me how things were with him but he didn't ask me any questions. So I wonder is he still interested and just holding back or is he not interested anymore and just texting to be nice. I did suggest being mates before but he wanted to sort out our relationship but now I don't know how he feels, I hope I didn't leave it too late Because I do still have some feelings for him and would consider getting back together.

He has stopped texting now since I hinted at him coming over to visit sometime, now I feel I've overstepped the mark. :/


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  • If your ex is texting you back, it's usually a good sign. If you've hinted him to come visit you, that's a good sign that you're open to him as well.


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