His ex has been calling him everyday. Advice needed please

so my boyfriend and I have been together for about a month. I recently found out that his ex has been calling him everyday and that he doesn't mind it... so I got the balls to ask if he still has feelings for her and he said yes. and then went on to say but not as much feelings as I have for you but yes. and I said that's all I needed to know and had to get off the phone for work. I have no idea on how to handle this situation or what I should do or how I should even respond when I talk to him later... I need some sort of advice..


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  • I can see your insecurity in finding this out but keep this one simple yet HUGE fact in mind: He was honest with you. What more could you seriously ask for? So he still has feeling for his ex, that doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. Now that being said, there is going to come a point where he is going to need to straighten it out and separate past from future, but until then give him some slack and let him figure it out. As long as you support him, he will stay open and honest with you.


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  • Some ex couples are generally friends and don't have a thing anymore about the other, though some really hold on strong.

    The best thing is to trust him and just focus on your work.

  • I think you should not talk about it with him anymore. If you love him you should trust him.


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  • hmm, my boyfriend has an ex he still cares about and has some feelings for, she dumped him in the very worst way possible and he was shocked by it

    he told me all this, I never asked him again because I trust him and I know it was heart breaking for him, he continues to tell me he loves me more than anything since then and I love him too, will never let go off him

    its natural for a guy or girl to still have feelings for their ex, you just have to accept it and have faith and trust him, I'm sure he loves you so much more :3

    sidenote: if anyone wants to know how my boyfriend was dumped just ask, though its very innapropriate since it was a terrible experience for him, pls think of that before asking, tnx :)


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