Should I take a break, break up or hold on to the relationship?

My boyfriend is perfect, we are able to understand and tolerate each other. We also have a lot of fun when we are together.

Lately, we've been having some problems...

He is traveling a lot because of new businesses he is trying to set up, and I am a med student, thereafter; we barely have time for each other and are both in constant stress. He has less stress because he copes with these things easier and it's just on the planning stage. I'm not saying he has less to bare, he just has better coping ability.

I admit I am very emotionally unstable because medicine is really taking a toll on me and my whole class. I tried to seek comfort in my boyfriend and it seems that he is able to just say all the wrong things.

He asked me to reconsider our relationship if I was feeling stressed by it (it's no wonder as he only lectures me these days, he's 32 and I'm 22). I really don't appreciate when people have the word break up on the tip of their tongues when this is not what they really want. ( He asked me to marry him when I graduated just the other day)

What should I do? What are your thoughts on taking a break?


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  • You should hold on to your relationship.

    The best way to do things is to schedule up one day per week where both of you will spend time with each other. Go to the mall, beach, coffee shops, or some good comedy bars.


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