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Hi, I'll try to put my pt in it's been a year and a half since I moved to the states and don't have any family here, got few friends tho. I'm staying with my host family we're not related and the lady wants me to move out by the end of this month at most. I've been through a lot and I'm trying all my best to get things lined up but she told me in a short notice, I've no clue what I'm gonna do now. don't wanna ask any one that I know if I can crash for a couple weeks at their place...don't even want to consider that as an option. I can afford to pay 250-300 at most with my current condition and I owe the lady I'm staying with $900. she hasn't mentioned that I'll pay her back when she bought the insurance for me, she was like I'll pay that for her and now after a year she wants me to pay her, she even told me that she bought it with her credit card and wants me to pay the fees... anyway it's really hard to find a place that cheap and I don't wanna give up but I'm thinking that I'd sleep in my car or sth. it's just so frustrating... I'm 22 and female, trust me I'm not a lazy person, I'm working my butt off...i even do cleanings, babysitting jobs and those kind of things but it's really hard to find more hrs and find a place...what should I do?help me out pls, any thought would be appreciated!


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  • Hey what's up. The best idea I can give you is rent a room out. Go to a laundry were a lot of people wash their clothes. Usually there will be a bullitin, I don't know if I spelled that right. Find it and get the numbers of the houses that rent their rooms. Ideally since you are a girl. Try to find one where there is a family living there not just guys for your own safety. If there is bullitin talk to the manager there ask that person if he know of cheap rooms. If you find a home talk to the owner tell them you're situation look them straight in the eye. Work out a plan in witch you can pay them. Be sincere about your plan but omit that you owe 900 dls. Omiting is not lying. Also try to subtle saying that you pay on time. Hopefully it works for you. Another thing you said you own a car if anything go to a pawn shop and pawn your car or jwely or what ever.


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