Thoughts on if he does like me?

we sat in the car in the back seat he was in the middle. and we sat really close not because there wasn't any room because there was.our leg was touching and neither of us moved it and he was leaning intowards me where his shoulder was on mine and he had his hands in his lap and we did that for the whole time til I moved then he and I did not touch we just moved away. I went somewhere and came back and he gave me a really big smile


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  • Well, if the person you described isn't a psychopath, that means that he at the very least likes you.( and is also being quite obvious and/or creepy about it) I would like to ask who the person is to you, how long do you know each other and do you actually like him back?

    • I've known him for a year now and were sorta friends and yeah I do like him back.

  • Sounds like he might have a crush on you :)


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