Why did he text me a day after breaking up?

After a year of dating, the guy I was seeing broke up with me. We had no issues where we would fight, but his excuse for breaking up was that he was just not into it. He claims he likes me and likes hanging out but not into the relationship. He has issues with commitment in general and being affectionate/opening up to someone, anyone actually. 2 months ago he wanted a break and needed space. Problem is we would hang out a few hours a week if that so although he thought he was being smothered, he really wasn't. As of yesterday, he told me he wasn't into the relationship, but yet still makes the attempt to text me to say hi like nothing happened. What is the deal? If you break up with someone, do you contact them the next day? I don't understand. Any outside opinion?


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  • I don't text, so I don't understand the weight folks have on it.

    I hear all the time, "He texts me and blah blah..."

    Does he ever call? or drop by in person?

    If you are going back and forth it will feed his desire to keep it going. (Textually speaking, nice pun…)

    If he needs space, by all means give it to him. It's not the end of the word if you don’t communicate for like two weeks.

    Also easy up on worrying so much.

    It doesn’t sound like you had anything beyond a casual friendship anyway. what’s the big deal? Are you having sex with him? That complicates things. If so, end all that, ignore the pheromones. A relationship should be no effort, no wishing, no struggle.

    I hope you figure it out. When I’m confused I like to take a long hike in the woods and talk it out.


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  • it could be a habit of being used to texting you


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  • Sadly this sounds exactly like me and my ex. Unfortunately the truth is he was just in it for the convenience factor. Because I was always there just like you have been there for your ex. If a guy really wants you and loves you, trust me you will know. No questions, no what ifs... You deserve someone who treats you like a queen not someone who makes you wonder whether he actually likes you or not. Besides if your ex was anything like mine, he is probably a very selfish person. And that is why he keeps contacting you instead of letting you move on. Stop contacting him by all means. You really need to let go off him and focus on yourself. Every bit of communication will make you hold on to this hope that maybe he will want you back - when the reality is he really doesn't want to. Be strong girl! You are not alone :) Everything will be OK. Hugzzz


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