I really like this girl but I just don't know if she likes me back.

I'm a Junior in High School never really was the outgoing guy, more of a realist that I won't have the girlfriend after high school since you know long distance usually doesn't work out. Now this girl I've already told I like her, she's a shy person for the most part it seems not really open about her relationship status, she said she was dating some guy last year but I never see them together or see anything pop up on my twitter between them, unless they keep it private which is fine but you know, it doesn't help me find out if she is telling the truth or lying. But, I told her last year I liked her she said she was dating this guy, I was like damn and moved on with a bit of emotional tear since this was my first time telling a girl I liked her (most other times my "friends" told the girl before I got to which usually ended up bad anyway) Now this year it seems she is looking at me more or maybe she's returning the glances but she seems to ignore me as if she is playing hard to get I don't know but that is the thing, I'm getting mixed signals here with the stares and laughs, and then the ignoring throws me off I just don't know. I suppose I'm just trying to find out if she even likes me back the way I told her, I don't want to outright ask her because it seems a bit pushy. She hates flowers and mushy stuff so doing any of that won't help me woo her but I mean, I can think of the creative stuff I just need some advice on how to probe that info if I'm wasting my time trying to pursue a dead end or if I'm just too nervous to take a shot in the dark, any advice on this, I mean, we've been friends for about 7 Years so I might be in the friend zone too much but like I said, I need some kind of acknowledgement of whether or not I should close this case and just wait till I get another chance with a girl or should I pursue and give it my best shot to go out with her.
I suppose the update would be, would it be like ask her, hey I know I told you how I felt about you last year and I'm just curious how do you feel about me? Like I don't want to seem like I'm pestering her but at the same time I want to know if she even likes me back the way I do.
Also, should I just be myself or should I try to be more distant if we end up going out?
Also thank you for the comment but I'm looking for a few more if possible.


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  • I think your best bet would be to ask a mutual friend if she likes you or not and if she's dating anyone. If the girl does like you, then she might not tell you because she doesn't want you to know, so I suggest asking about the boyfriend part first. Or if you both are close to the mutual friend, then maybe ask him/her if she/he can help you with your crush.


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  • honestly it won't hurt to just ask her out, because then you find out for sure and you never know. maybe she is noticing you more and waiting for you to start it. but it sounds like your just a person she's known for seven years. here is some advice that works for everyhting pretty much, "closed mouths don't get fed". hope this helps, good luck bud


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