My ex cheated on me more than once with the same girl

Why? It hurts more knowing it was with the same girl. If he just had cheated with a random girls I would not be as worried. I wouldn't accept it though. cheating is cheating. He says he can't resist her, but does not have feelings for her. I feel that he does though. We all had been friends once me and him and this girl. They always flirted with each other while we would hang out. I got jealous of her a few times and he said not to worry that I was over reacting.

Joke on me Right? He said not to worry about her anymore because she was moving anyways. Why does that matter?


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  • why are you still with him? As the saying goes fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me

    Stop asking questions about why and ditch this guy. He doesn't respect you enough not ot flirt with a girl right in front of you. He doesn't respect you enough not to make the mistake of cheating on you once and then really disrespects you by doing it again with the same girl and then telling you not to worry.

    Don't ask why he does or say what he says and just lose the guy

    • I broke up with him last week, don't want to have anything to do with him, it was more that I was asking why he would cheat more than once with this girl and yet he says he has no feelings for her, but can't resist her. That just annoys me and I feel like a fool.

    • don't feel like a fool. he's the fool. it's a sad thing when you can't be honest with people but even sadder when you aren't honest with yourself, and that seems to be where your ex is at. He can't even face the reality in himself let alone deal with reality with other people. His actions say more about him than they say about you

    • thanks for your comments

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  • He betrayed your trust. He has a strong connection with another girl. Tell me that you don't still have feelings for this guy? Tank him, be happy to be rid of him.

    • no I broke up with him, don't want anything to do with him. just bothered me that it was with the same chick.

  • Leave her. It's only a matter of time until he finds the next girl that he can't resist.


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  • he says he can't resist her so he won't stop. Pick up the pieces and walk away. If he cheated on you once and can't stop he will do it again. Don't take him back! walk away and stay strong! I think you are hurt knowing you both were all friends and knowing it happened more then once so there has to be attraction and feelings there.

    • yeah, it hurts knowing that its with the same girl. that's the hardest part for me to understand. thanks for your comment.

  • Why don't you break up with him?

    • did, done and over thanks

    • Nowww, there are plenty of fishes in the sea. Just make sure you have good hooking skills Lol ;).

  • by saying 'ur ex' I'm assuming you broke up right? if yes then well done he deserves to rot in hell. if not then please do yourself a favor and dump him as soon as possible. you're better off alone than in bad company right?

    now when a person really cares about another person... no matter how desirable they find someone else they wouldn't cheat. you wouldn't even bear the thought of cheating on someone you truly care about. it's not really worth thinking about why he did it either, it's only going to hurt you more.

    as much as it hurts right now you will find someone waaay better... when you go out with a guy like that its what id call hitting rock bottom (I don't mean this to offend you) but at least now the only way is up :)

    anyways this guy sounds like a complete moron and even though I don't know you at all... I'm sure you deserve to be treated better than this. you actually seem to be taking this better than how people I know would take it so be proud of that. and also, know that you don't have to take this. I'm sure you're smart enough to know when a person in your life right now should stay or leave so avoid the guy at all costs and if you happen to see him around make yourself look like nothing's changed and look happy. this'll let him know that he was only holding you back and you're better off without him.


    • yes we are not together. dumped him. thanks for your comment.

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