After 6 months together, I can't stand him!

Okay, so 2 years ago I dated this guy then I broke up with him because of complicated things. About 7 months ago, I started to like him again, and I wanted not to show it just to make sure it wasn't just a one week thing. I liked him for a month and I really liked him! More than I did 2 years ago. We then started dating. For the first couple of months, I was extremely happy. He is so sweet and kind he always pampers me and we used to stay up all night talking. After that, we stopped talking on the phone because we had exams to study for and we only texted. I think that's when it started. I just stopped liking him, everything he does gets on my nerves, I avoid going out with him and he just pisses me off all the time.

I don't know why this happened, but I think it's because I've been going through some changes and I've become a different person and more social, and I've increased my circle of friends (which used to consist of 4 people). I like who I am now! I'm only 16, I should be able to change my personality and to be confident, right? But I think this might be why I've stopped liking him.

I've browsed through posts of people who have a similar problem, and they all feel like they want to like their boyfriends but just don't. That's. it how I feel! I know I can't break up with him AGAIN, and his friends have become really good friends of mine so I also don't want to cause drama and stuff. Sometimes I hope he cheats on me(with his 'best friend' which I think likes him) just so that I can break up with him. I really don't have a legitimate excuse for breaking up with him, so it would be unfair to him. What if I'm just bored?

He really likes me! Anyone who sees how he acts always tells me that, so I don't really want to break his heart. What should I do? Is there a way to get him to break up with me so that I don't look like the bad person? I know that sounds superficial, but it's high school. I'll have to see him and his friends every single day and they'll obviously be on his side.
*That's not how I feel.


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  • You have the difficult task of being the bitch. So, life is like that. Sometimes unpleasant. Do what you can stand. Or suffer the consequence. You could also, tell him when you have a talk to him, that you want to take things slow, that your becoming irritated, that its not his fault, but not yours either. That your going through your changes and want to take a break from dating. See what he says.

    • I've never really had the guts to do that. I know it sounds mean, but I just can't handle being picked on for breaking up with him. Last time, it was one of the worst experiences of my life, and I think it would be worse this time around. Isn't there a way to get him to dump me? Someone told me that he really likes me and would NEVER break up with me. I have no idea how to handle that, it's too much for me!

    • look, dating is to see if people like each other. Don't look at it like it's the worst. It's not your job to keep him happy if you don't like him. Your not married. Stop making such a big deal, even if you feel like its bad, just play it down.

      Act as you feel, just don't see him when you don't feel like seeing him. he'll eventually get the point.

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