I want to die because he hurt me, help me?

My ex boyfriend was treating me very bad, he was telling me that I'm ugly, screaming at me, beating me.. but I loved him , believed that he can change., but today I broke up with him..

It's me who broke up but he didn't care anyway, I am this one who suffers.

I hate myself because I allowed him to treat me like this and I am really thinking about killing myself, help me , tell me something which can make me happier? :(


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  • Accept that this boyfriend of yours was a jerk, and accept that being with him was your mistake. But also accept that breaking up with him was a huge step forward and now you can start something new and better in your life. Listen to your favorite music - not the one that "cheers up" (it never helps), but something you can relate yourself to, something you almost feel as if it was written about you, you know? So you can know you're not alone to go through it all.

    This pain will not go very soon, but it will fade away with time. You can't really suddenly get happy right now, but you must remember that there will be a moment when you feel you're done with it, the moment you'll feel free of all of this. And at that moment you'll laugh at him.

    Just take your time. Nothing lasts forever, and this pain will cease, too.

    I am really sorry it all happened to you. No girl should go through this and you didn't deserve it. However, you've done the only right thing when you've broken up with him. It ws the turning point from where everything will gradually get better.


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  • So you've lost this d0uch3 who, demeans you and is verbally and physically abusive. You should be acting like you've won the lottery.

    Dumping him qualifies for being the greatest accomplishment of your life. Get with some friends and celebrate. You are now a much better person.

  • Go to your doctor, get some anti-anxiety medicine - join yoga class, start to mediate .. later put yourself out there to see someone new

    He did it because he is an a**hole of course but the main motivation of such actions was to manipulate you - a girl who got no self-esteem, who is a mindless drone is easier to control than someone who is normal - guys do that all the time - some just can't get or keep girls any other way

    You weren't born for this and it's not your time yet, wasting your life will not solve anything


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  • You made the mistake of being with him, but you did a courageous thing by leaving him. Remember lots of woman in these types of relationships never find the strength to leave the abuser, but you did. So take some comfort in knowing that you have a lot of inner strength.

    If you had the willpower to leave him, I believe that you are capable of starting again and being successful.

    By advice is to believe in yourself, you are capable of anything you put your mind too and you should know that.

    I can understand you're hurting right now and my advice to make yourself feel better is to: 1)call some girl friends over and have a girl night, or 2)go to hairdresser and get your hair done and have a facial or 3)Go home and spend sometime with your family.

    Best of luck.

  • You're better off without him, you got enough courage to leave him, now show him that you don't care and that you can do better than him.


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