Did I wait too long to make a move on her??

So this girl in my class has a crush on me. I didn't do anything after a month she waited for me after class to talk and stuff I just said hi and bye. I got too nervous. Well she was standing in line after class getting some food and I was in front of her I didn't talk to her and she probably expected me to talk to her.

Well right after that I go on Facebook and I see that she is married to some guy one of her guy friends. She knew I would see it so she's probably trying to make me jealous.

She always hugs her guy friends around me and does other stuff then smirks back at me.

Another thing that happened we had a dance party at school and I was dancing with a girl and I turned around to find her sitting by herself staring at me and she looked mad!

Is it too late to do something and is she trying to make me jealous on purpose to make me to make a move or what?
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  • this is all so stupid. you both are childish and just hurting each other playing dumbass games. you're breaking the trust and crumbling the relationship before its even begun. just cut the crap and go tell her your feelings, go ask her out, otherwise just move on and sit on your ass being a coward. some of the best relationships go wasted cause of idiots like you who dance with another girl when clearly the main girl is on your mind.

    • well its called head games and it keeps on going not just childish.

    • ?_?

    • lol

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  • You should just tell her how your feeling about all of this. It seems to me, that she wants to know what you think of her. And of course, only tell her if you like her back.

    • I like her back almost too much driving me crazy.

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  • If you like her quit being a p**** otherwise turn thoughts from inactive deeds.


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