How much money should I bring with me for spring break?

i am going to florida with 6 friends. the house is already paid for and we plan to eat food from the house most of the time to save much would you recommend for gas (from mississippi to jacksonville) , food, alcohol, general spending money?


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  • I'd say that's 1,200 miles round trip. Say it's a 12 gallon tank at 25mpg that's 300 miles per tank. That's 4 fills at $3.80 or so a gallon, divided by 6 is about $31 dollars per person in gas. I'd plan for $20 a day in spending, and $20 a day for drinking (since guys will buy you drinks). So $40 a day x 5 days = $200. Plus the $31 in gas is $231. Budget for this but bring $300-$350 just to be safe. Have fun!


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  • 600 should do it


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  • 200-300 for a few days.

    I wouldn't go over 450 for a week..(I could never reach 450)

    Really depends on where you go and how much shopping you intend to do.

    If it's more about the beach and a few bars then you wouldn't need as much than if it was more of a shopping trip.

    have fun :)


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