Where are the best places for a father to have a child?

I really want to have a kid, but after seeing how bad the divorce was on my father. As well as what other women in my family have done to guys, I am worried I will lose custody if we ever get divorced. I want to find a place that is more likely to split custody more evenly. I would even consider relocating to another country if need be.

I just want to know I will be likely to get equal custody. Nothing more nothing less. I know it may sound strange to be willing to go that far, but being a father and raising a child is my dream in life. Where I do that doesn't matter to me.


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  • If you're really worried about getting custody or divorces, you should go to places where divorce isn't allowed by law. Countries like Philippines.


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  • Middle East, but at the same time it's the worst place for a kid to grow up.


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