Ex boyfriend doesn't want to keep in touch because he said he needs more time and hope I understand. Meaning?

Mutual break up but might've been more of me wanting to than him. He sent me a message 7 months later after the break up in August 2012 saying basically that:

-he sees nothing good from keeping in contact now.

-we need more time of no contact now

-hope I understand

I'm not sure what this means.
  • He doesn't want to keep in touch because its difficult for him and he still has feelings
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  • Other, please explain
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Most Helpful Girl

  • He still has feelings for you... Would be difficult to remain in contact. He needs more time to get over you.


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What Guys Said 1

  • he's basically cutting off all contact with you into he finds his resolve. Even if you find someone new an he texts you out the blue, he has his reasons.


What Girls Said 3

  • He's still is hurt from the break up, but not as much as before. So, he wants to have peace and start focusing on something else so he can get his mind off it. If, in the future, he does kept in mind off the situation for good, AND he's able to recuperate with hs feelings. He can start to talk to you again.

  • He probably is still trying to move on. So give him his space. Each person gets over a break up differently and usually no contact after a break up is the best way to recover.

  • Btw... I had said that to my ex soon after we ended things because I was still in love with her. To this day I can't understand how she could or would want to be friends so quickly after


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