Not sure if he is still into me?

I met this guy in December and I am having a great time with him. Things were going really well. We have gone on a lot of dates but don't really get to hang out too often due to both of us having busy schedules. The last time I saw him, he was going away on a trip to Colorado to ski for a week. He told me to text him, when I did he barely carried on a convo. When he got back, I was working a lot so I didn't ask him to hang out, but we talked a bit. On Sunday, we talked about our weekend and he told me he was in New York with his family skiing and he might stay the week (he has a house there). I said, if you get back by Thursday we should do something and he stated "He really liked that idea". Well, Thursday came around, I called him and left him a voice mail to see if he ended up staying there. It's now Saturday and I still haven't heard anything back from him - nothing. I'm confused! Every time were together he tells me how beautiful I am, talks about doing things in the future together, calls me cute names and is super affectionate.. even in public. However, when were not together I barely hear from him... maybe a text or a phone call here and there. Now that I haven't heard back from him, I'm scared this is his way of cutting me out. I don't want to call/text again as I am not one to usually pressure anyone. However, how can you go from being so hot to so cold? Tell me you can't wait to see me and want to see me, then don't call me? Should I just give up? Any input would be fantastic!


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  • I dealt with one of those guys. just dropped off the face of the earth after everything. He's a flake and probably lost interest. I dealt with the same thing with a guy. Hung out on dinner/shopping dates 2 or 3 times with all those compliments and chemistry, great conversation, made memes for each other, texted a lot, etc. then nothing. He had a lame excuse later.

    I would just wait it out. If he doesn't text you, forget him IMO.


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