Do I miss my Ex? Or would I just remember why I broke up with her in the first place if we got back together?

I am so confused about the girl I broke up with. We were dating for about 7 months (after being friends for a year before that) before I ended things. It has been very difficult ever since and we are just now trying to cut off contact. I broke up with her because I felt she was immature and her personality at times annoyed me. To the point where I started thinking about what it would be like to date other girls. I knew at this point I had to end things.

I really miss her though... Like crazy. I know it wouldn't be right to get back with her because I would feel the same. But could things change down the road? Or am I chasing the relationships potential by assuming her qualities that didn't work with me will somehow change?

I feel like I already know the answer.. That this is what everyone feels when they break up with someone.. But we just had a sort of special connection. At least that's what it felt like. But then again maybe I won't know what that special connection really feels like until I meet the one for me.

Anyway, why am I feeling like this? I know I can't get back together with her right now because things wouldn't be different, but I want so badly for them to be.. Is this chasing the relationships potential? Or is there something more to this?

Where is the line between missing an ex and missing them to the point where it would work getting back together?


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  • Okay, it's normal to miss an ex, especially if you grew strong feelings for them. The bottom line is you can never assume things may change down the road. Some people never change and we can't do anything about that. If she had qualities you disliked then that is a big dent in the relationship, especially if it was to the point where she annoyed you and made you think about other girls. Again, this is normal, because when you're not happy in a relationship it will cause you to think about other people and what it could be like to date someone else. My advice is to try to find someone else for now. You may discover that the person you miss so much isn't near as interesting as the person you will be with in the near future. This person may not even have any bad qualities, unlike you ex. You're gonna miss your ex because you think of all the happy memories and how great you felt when you were with them, but sometimes the way they act prevents you from staying with them, no matter how happy you are. IF ITS MEANT TO BE IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. So, take time and don't think about her so much, try to occupy yourself with other things. If you really want to be with her, tell her how you feel. Maybe talk to her about thongs she does you dislike. If she really wants a relationship, she 'll try to work on these things. things If she doesn't consider what you want then you may need to find someone else. Hope I helped :)


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  • The question is, can she become more mature and can she stop annoying you? Usually people can't change their personalities.

    Getting back together after a break can be successful, IF people have worked enough on the problems that caused the break-up.

    9 times out of 10, just as you say, when people get back together, they are quickly reminded of why they broke up in the first place.

    It's not easy to 'fix' personality conflicts and issues like immaturity; generally only time and a lot of reflection can ever change a person. Has she done self-improvement? that's what will decide if you miss her enough to try getting back together.

    And you say it wouldn't be different, so I think you've answered that question!

    Go ahead and miss the good times you had together, but don't let yourself forget the bad times totally!


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