What steps can I take to get on good terms with an ex, whether to just be friends or for it to become more?

Almost a year ago I met this guy and at first seeing him I knew he would be apart of my life may it be friends or something more. This led to a relationship like I hadn't had before, I am a pretty distant person, not trusting, and kind of matter of fact about things, but it was like I was none of those things with him. It was immediate trust and caring and emotion. My ex and I broke up a few months ago and though it ended at first on good terms, he and I are the type of people who seem to be surrounded by drama. I, hadn't ever been dumped before and, I will admit became that clingy ex for a little while then let it go. We made amends of everything from the past and forgave what could be forgiven and forgotten and were on decent . We both hang out with the same group of people so talking among the inner group brought out our tempers and so now when we interact we either are really awkward around each other or we end up walking away bickering because of the tension and the past wounds. I hadn't thought about him in a while because we both have dated other people and nothing had made me think of him, but I recently found out we will both be in a situation where we will have to interact about everyday for about a month. We are going to have to be around each other. It brought back feelings that I hadn't thought about for awhile. This thing we are participating in will require close contact with each other and I would like to turn it into something that could be enjoyable and get close again. And when a friend joked about how we are both single, and what if something happens, while a month ago it would have upset me, now I think I like the idea. How and/or what should or could I do to get to a chance where if I wanted this could be a possibility?


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  • Simply spend more time talking and being with him. After participating in that thing you've just said, invite him to hang out with you. There's a lot of possibility if both of you are seeing each other everyday.


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