I want to settle down?

A couple of months ago I met this guy whom I connected with a lot! We are both 19, in that timewe argued about something & he asked what I wanted, I said I don't know .. Basically he wanted to settle down. After that we stopped talking because he talked to his ex of 2 years in which they had a pretty bad relationship but really he is a caring good guy & I'm done with the partying & clubbing & realized I want him back & want to settle , & actually can see myself with him.from what I heard he's moving in with his ex again, she's 23 & we're both 20 ? What should I do? I know he still likes me bcause of how he acts at work with me & all..


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  • Start talking to him. Ask him to hang out with you more.

    Tell him how dear and special he is to you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he's still in love with his ex. I think you should just move on. This guy sounds like trouble. Sure he seems caring and loving, but this guy obviously is going to keep going back to his ex girlfriend. He's moving in with her, so I don't think he's that interested.

    The problem with this situation is that he is going to lead you on unless you stop talking to him. There are plenty of guys out there, why go for this one? This guy still wants to be with his girlfriend, and probably won't leave her for you. But he likes the idea of having other options. I wouldn't let yourself get led on by this guy. He sounds like trouble!


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