Using No Contact with ex and I'm 70-30 trying to get over her. It's getting better. Who has done this?

We had been having small fights and one big fight in the last month of our relationship. One being over the sex not being good, and the last one she seemed to have checked out (I suspect either she lost interest or she was afraid of getting hurt again<--she had said this a week before the breakup).

Her reasoning to me was that things weren't the same, and they weren't as comfortable as it used to be. And it seemed like we were distancing ourselves from each other.

The day we broke up I went to her apartment, said what I needed to say and how it could work, but it seemed she didn't want it to. She said those things above^^ and she said she didn't change her mindset.

A week earlier when we made up again she said she loved me and I was the best boyfriend.

I did No Contact like I usually do. At first I was disgusted with everything and didn't want her back. Then I missed her dearly and hoped doing NC would maybe get her to contact me again.

It's been two weeks since the breakup and she hasn't texted me. I've seen her out of chance twice and all I said was "Hey". I have shown and it probably seems I am over it. I look happy when I'm out, her friends still like me, etc.

Our mutual friend and her had drinks (as friends) and she asked how I was doing. So as far as she knows I've been having a great time and I'm okay.

1) I'm like 70-30 wanting to move on because I wasn't being treated fairly, but obviously I still have feelings for her. No contact is helping, but also I keep giving myself false hope. Do you think she will eventually contact me?

2) What do you make of what she said when we broke up? Like saying it's not the same. I think it's bs but was curious.

with the sex, she was my first. I got nervous sometimes so it wasn't improving but I was working on it.

Also we dated for 5 months


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  • No contacting isn't working because you are contacting her. Try not contacting her for 6 months.

  • in my whole life, never once has an ex NOT come back. I think the same goes for just about everyone. she will contact you soon just hold out, be friendly and start dating other people.

    as for the sex, its rare that the sex is very good at the beginning of a relationship, especially with young adults who aren't experienced. learn to get her off with your fingers and tongue and she'll be yours. if you can get a girl to orgasm, especially her first time, she'll hold on a lot tighter.

    • I swear to you, I got her to orgasm every single time with oral haha. The intercourse thing was new to me and she thought I didn't feel attracted to her because of it. But with what she said, it sounds like she wouldn't come back? She seemed to have mentally checked out

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