Should I go away for two months?

My boyfriend and I are both 20. We've been together for almost 4 years and we're very happy together and talk about getting married in the future after college. This summer, I am thinking of going away for 2 months to work. I want this job because I'll be making a significant amount more than I would if I stayed home and worked two full time jobs all summer. The money would be very helpful with college and that's why I want to go. However, the location of the job doesn't have cell phone service, so I wouldn't be able to talk to him a whole lot. My boyfriend said that two months isn't that long and we can do it, but the longest I've ever been away from him is 2 weeks. I'm nervous about what two months could do to us, but he seems confident in me going. I know I'll still want him when I get back but I'm worried that with us not talking that often, he'll stop missing me and it'll damage our relationship. Should I not go? or am I over thinking this?


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  • If you truly love each other and are devoted to one another, then you should not worry about the distance. A healthy relationship stands strong facing life hardships and tough circumstances. If you're truly committed, then you have nothing to worry about. Besides, he should encourage you to better yourself and to grow on all different levels including your career, studies, job, etc...He is actually doing so by encouraging you to go away for a couple of months. This is a good sign. Also, it is a good opportunity to know how committed you both are and how much you love each other. And, it's only two months ;-)

    You should go for sure. :)


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  • Sometimes in life you gotta do what you gotta do, as long as you 2 stay loyal to each other everything will be okay I think he understands why you have to go, if anything there is always like Skype and email and such. So there will still be contact so don't worry your butt off


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