Why do you think his ex's are doing this...?

Been with my boyfriend for over 5 years and over the course of these years pretty much ALL his ex gf's want to add me to Facebook. Anyone have any ideas of why girls would want their ex boyfriends girlfriend on their friends list? Are they just being creepers?


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  • They may not be over him and want to know how you got him. Maybe they can't understand what went wrong and hope you will find out, or can shed some light as he has been changing and growing. Or, maybe they truly want to be friends with him and assume they gotta be cool with you as well. Most women don't want their man being friends with an ex if they're not mutual friends.


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  • For the same reason as anyone friends someone on Facebook - to have a nose, look at photos, seewho you're friends with, see what's going on in your life and your life with him


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