How do I get my guy to show more affection?

I have been with this guy for three months, we are in an official relationship.. This guy has a hard outer layer and only shows me affection when we make out and on the odd occasion he would randomly kiss me on the cheeks and forehead.. This guy has been hurt really badly in the past and has lots of guilt.. he's ex cheated on him. He's told me he cares a lot about me, he tells his mates he's going to marry me.. he tells me, he's not the sort to say he loves me constantly... he hardly ever texts back or calls, when we are apart... I have stayed the night over his house, during the night, he hugs me so tightly it feels like he doesn't want to let go... even when we get intimate, he's got a strong grip and we can't get enough of each other at times... other times he's aloof.. I cooked for him when I stay over and he helps.. I hug him from behind and kiss his neck, he tells me to stop cause he manhood responds... I apologize and I back off... he mumbled something, I didn't quiet catch.. He's also worried my family won't except him into the family...I know he cares about me as much as I care about him...


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  • He's already showing more than enough affection. Be proud of your guy.

    • More than half the time he's a loof...when we watch movies, he sits on the bed and I sit on couch near him...

      The kiss on the forehead happened once as well as the cheek...

  • If he is affectionate for you he probably is showing it in his own ways but since you can't read his mind you don't see it.

    To me it sounds like he expresses his affection most by being pysically close to you because you said he holds you so tight. That is his way of showing his affection I think.

    Some guys don't talk, they show affection through actions. Watch a group of young guys joking around together and bonding and they tackle each other and wrestle and hold each other tight (that sounds kind of gay lol). So lots of guys only know how to show affection through physical touching.


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