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My fiance and I started out as friends with benefits. Now we are engaged to be married next year. When we were just friends he would talk to his ex everyday and tell her how much he loved her and couldn't wait to be together with her again. Well now that some time has passed he's with me and says he only talks to her about his daughter that he has with her, which I am fine with. However, I feel like more is going on I just don't know. He tells me that I don't need to worry that he is in love with me and can't imagine being with anyone else. I know she isn't the type of woman to respect a relationship though. She still tells him she misses him and sh*t. He says he doesn't say it back that he tells her he's sorry she feels that way but that he moved on with his life and she should too. I just have this feeling. I am very insecure to begin with so it could just be me making sh*t up in my head. How can I tell without being obvious I am trying to find out? He is out of town for work right now and I just got back from seeing him so its not like I can just go check his phone or anything. Any ideas of how I could possibly get him to slip up and tell me if there is anything going on?


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  • Why did you commit to this guy if he was always talking about another woman? That should have been your first clue.

    • He talked to her when we were just friends. Then he stopped cause she ruined it and about 2 weeks later he asked if I would like to take our relationship further. I said yes. Then we started dating and months later engage

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  • Simply trust your boyfriend. You're already getting married, and if you try to find cracks and you come up empty, it could destroy your relationship.


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  • Hence the reason friends with benefits is the worst idea since the holocaust. Honey he doesn't seem like the type to commit easily I don't know what to tell you b

    • He doesn't commit easily and he doesn't say he loves someone when he doesn't. I've heard it from everyone. His family tells me they have never seen him act this way with a girl as he does me. Theyve never seen him treat any of his past girlfriends with as much respect and love as me. I feel like I am just paranoid.

    • I'm sorry. I have been that way too bthe best thing is to be very open and communicate well. Personally I'd just ask him. Not CONFRONT but ask. Good luck!

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