Women Making the First Move?

How do guys feel/think about a woman that makes the first move?

I was out with friends a saw a guy that I was attracted to and thought I caught him staring at me. At the end if the night after I walked out of the establishment I figured, he's working there is no way he will ask me out, so I walked back in with a note that had my name & number, confidently might I add, and whispered in his ear while holding the paper up in front of him, "I don't know of you're single or not, but if you are would you call me?"

His response was a raised eyebrow a smile & he took the note from my hand, I smiled big in return turned around and walked back out.

How would you as a guy see this?


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  • i would say that your a BOSS...if it was me I would think that your independent, sassy, confident, and you know what you want.

    my ex was the same way and that was attractive to me. she asked mutual frends for my number...called me to hang out all the time...pretty much made the first move and let me know that I was the guy she wanted to be with.

    it makes the guy feel good so if he's shy, hell gain confidence and won't second guess himself.


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