How can I make him forget her completely ?

I had a boyfriend for 2 years and half from like 3 or 4 yrs

3 month ago I want to talk to him real bad , so I called him we met then he didn't call me for more than month but he didn't because he had some problems

he had a girlfriend but he broke up with her , he told me he doesn't want her in his life even as a friend , she hurt him badly ( his dignity ) he wants to forget about her but she keeps showing up everywhere , even though he told her its over.

its hard to see him got hurt by another girl I mean I get jealous that he even was thinking about another girl , I know it's not my right because I was thinking about another guys but it didn't work out .

when I ask him . you still care about her , he said no but I didn't forget about her either , because I'm not a robot ,

he said that he could have been forgotten about her , if she wasn't just shown up

he sometimes tell me if I remember when we were together , and what he did to me , at some point we laugh but I can't help myself but crying

which I don't know why he was asking me about things happened when we were together

i was his first girlfriend and his first love , he was the same to me

I've met a lot of guys in my life but non of them stayed in my heart like him , even when I got a crush on another guy

it kills me to see him sad and because of a girl it kills me more even though he said that he will never ever going back to her but still kills me , I mean I can't be just a friend with him and I will wait for him to get over the memories of that girl.

he used to be so funny , energetic when we were together , I just realized now that we were so perfect for each other

i asked him if I was someone that he has to deal with , well he has all the right , he said no and if he doesn't want to talk to me , he wouldn't call me and add me on fb.

when I asked him why did you call me after I called you and you were gone for more than month he said that he didn't even forget me .

he said that before I call him he broke up with her , I said well I came in a bad timing , he said no and that he broke up with her before I came and he made his decision , , I didn't understand what he meant

so I need your help guys , the question explains itself , I wanna make him forget all about her , he wants to already and I wanna help him

i know I may seem selfish but I wish we could be back together

thx for taking time to read :)


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  • The best way to make him forget her is to spend more time with him.

    Talk to him a lot.

    Ask him to hang out more with you.


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