My mom is cheating on my dad...?

...and I found out should I tell my dad? I never thought she whould do something like that! I mean my dad is out a lot but it's for work! This is so unfair to him!
I just told my mother I knew. She told me she wouldn't stop she started talking about a womans needs and how my father doesn't fullfill them and such bullsh*t I just run away. I 'll tell my dad as soon as he is back..


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  • well you don't know the dynamics of their relationship but you should tell your mother you know and that you think he deserves to know and that you won't be keeping her secret or protecting her. Then step back and stay out of it and let them handle it between themselves.

    • But what if she doesn't stop it?

    • after your update it sounds like you've decided to tell him. That's your choice just be ready to deal with the consequences of being in the middle of their marriage. I'm not saying it's the wrong or the right choice I'm just saying when you dive into someone elses relationship it's ugly.

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  • Give your mother an ultimatum, if she does not tell your father before the appointed time is up, then you should tell him. That's what I would do at least.

    • I don't want to pressure her like that...

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    • He knows now. I haven't been home since yesterday so I don't know what happened but he was devistated when I told him...

    • It's up to them what happens next. And if your parents try to pull you into their fight, if they have one, then you need to remind them that you'll be looking from the sidelines. You've done what was necessary and after have decided to stay clear. And you really do want to stay clear of it, because no matter how just your actions, they both might hate you for it.

  • Tell your dad. Your dad's working hard to make ends meet in your family, and this is what she's giving him? Your dad deserves an explanation.

    • Yes but he'll be so sad...Sometimes iignorance is a bliss isn't it? Should I just tell my mom to stop?

  • tell him. he deserves to know this stuff.

    • But he'd be so sad...

    • you rather see him made fun off by your mother? she's CHEATING on him. she's belittling him. and you're gonna allow that someone (even if that's your mother) is disrespecting him like this?

      he's gonna be sad, sure - for some time, and he's gonna heal also. again, he deserves to know. I think you would wanna know if your boyfriend is cheating on you, wouldn't you?

      i'm gonna go even further: if you don't tell him, you're a bad daughter with no integrity.

      tell him. right now. f***ing tell him.

  • I would confront your mom about it.

    • I think that's what I'll do

  • So what are you going to do about it?

  • agreed with alessus, bout 15 years ago I caught my dad. I made him tell my mom they had a rough patch but got through it and if I hadn't stepped in who knows what could have happened.

    • I don't think cheating is forgivable and I think my dad thinks the same. There won't be a rough patch It'll be over..

    • this sucks! sorry for your troubles...

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