Does my ex want me or what?

So this is long...

The ex and I have been broken up for about 7 months. We didn't talk for about a month after the break-up. Once we did it has been an every day thing. The last two months we've been hooking up just about every other time we hang out. She doesn't want a relationship, yet the second I don't give her attention she goes into panic mode. This past weekend, I hung out with an old college friend. We drank, went out clubbing, and so forth. I got pretty drunk and slept over. My ex meanwhile, texted me at the club she was "heyyyy!" followed an hour later by ":(", and then "Well, I am home. I hope you're okay, sleep tight<3". The next morning I went fishing and such. Came back to find another round of texts and 3 missed calls. I texted her back that I was okay and just out fishing. She then asked to hang out the next day. She came over, wearing my favorite outfit and flirting hardcore. I finally caved it. afterward she said we're still friends (as she does every time). We cooked dinner for my family, she cuddled up to me, and acted flirty some more. She went home and I went to sleep she called me 3 times and texted me 5. Is she realizing her feelings for me or the fact that I am moving on? The truth is, I love her deeply. I would marry her tomorrow. However, she's not in the right space right now. I basically want to know from a women's perspective what the hell could be running through her mind. Also, every time she goes out with her friends she ALWAYS texts me (if I respond convos last the whole time she's out), she ALWAYS calls me on the way to and from the club, and she always acts way more sweeter. Well, sorry if this makes no sense I am a bit confused by this whole situation. Thanks though in advance!


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  • it's clear she wants back with you, and she knows you still want her compay..

    loneliness is hard! I don't know why you broke up, since the 'not in the right place' doesn't tell us much..but being alone has led her to rethink something, that's for sure.

    • well, we broke up cause her mom didn't like me because I've got meat on my bones. She won't outwardly come and say she wants to be with me. In fact, she tells me she wants to be single. However, she always initiates contact, and lately hanging out. I've kind of gotten tired of the game. I've started moving on. I've been dating a lot recently and keeping our interactions to a minimal. I'm at a point that I'm over going out to clubs and such. I want to be serious.

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    • I think the fact that she still talks and has physical relations to me is a good thing. However, she won't commit to me and I'm at that point in my life where I want to settle down. I admit what her and I have is magical but, how long do I wait? It's been 7-months and we are still just friends (who happen to shack up every other weekend). She knows how I feel for her. Do you think that persistence and I should just be there for her?

    • No, you can't wait forever, at some point, tell her that she has to make up her mind..give her a deadline if you have to.

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